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Nasal vestibulitis is an infection in your nostrils

Nasal vestibulitis is an infection in your nostrils -

Yes, that’s correct. Nasal vestibulitis is an infection that occurs in the nasal vestibule, which is the area just inside the entrance of the nostrils. This region is lined with delicate skin and contains hair follicles and sebaceous (oil) glands. Nasal vestibulitis is typically characterized by inflammation, redness, and tenderness in the affected area.

Common causes of nasal vestibulitis include:

Bacterial Infections: The most common cause of nasal vestibulitis is a bacterial infection, often due to Staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria can enter through tiny breaks or cuts in the skin inside the nostrils, which may result from activities such as nose picking, scratching, or the use of nasal sprays.

Dry or Irritated Nasal Passages: Low humidity, cold weather, or the prolonged use of nasal decongestant sprays can dry out the nasal passages. Dry and irritated nasal tissues are more prone to infection.

Nasal Trauma: Any form of trauma to the nose, whether it’s accidental injury or repeated irritation (such as vigorous nose blowing), can damage the delicate skin in the nasal vestibule, creating an opportunity for bacteria to cause infection.

Symptoms of nasal vestibulitis may include:

Pain and Tenderness: The affected area can be painful and tender to the touch.
Redness and Swelling: Inflammation of the nasal vestibule can lead to redness and swelling.
Crusts or Sores: Formation of crusts or sores inside the nostrils may occur.
Bleeding: Irritation and inflammation can sometimes cause minor bleeding.

Treatment for nasal vestibulitis typically involves:

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Maintaining Moisture: Using saline nasal sprays or applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly inside the nostrils can help keep the nasal passages moist.
Avoiding Irritants: Limiting activities that can further irritate the nasal vestibule, such as nose picking or the use of irritating nasal products.
Topical Antibiotics: If a bacterial infection is present, topical antibiotic ointments or creams may be prescribed.
It’s important to note that if symptoms persist or worsen, or if there is a suspicion of a more serious infection, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. A healthcare professional can provide a proper diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment based on the specific circumstances of the individual.

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